Real Estate Law

The Hickey Law Firm, LLC offers our clients years of experience in handling both commercial and residential real property matters. We can help you with any of the following issues, and many more:

  • Commercial and Residential Contracts and Closings
  • Deeds
  • Deeds of Trust and Promissory Notes
  • Lease Issues and Negotiations
  • Property Sales or Purchases

We can help you in preparing contracts for the sale of your home or business, reviewing title paperwork, and conducting closings. We have helped many clients who wish to sell their home "for sale by owner" and have also navigated clients through the sale of large pieces of commercial land for development. There is no real estate transaction too small or too large.

If you already have a Realtor or mortgage lender we are always happy to work with them as well. We also have an excellent network of real estate professionals that we work with who can service any needs that our office does not handle.

Often times, real estate issues develop after the death of a loved one. Our attorneys can assist the Personal Representative of an estate or trustee of a Trust with the sale, transfer, or lease of real property owned by the deceased.

An example: We had a widow contact us a week before the closing on her house. She thought after the death of her husband, their home of 20 years, passed directly to her. In preparation for closing, the closing officer notified her that she needed a Personal Representative's Deed prepared by an attorney for her husband's one-half of the house. No Probate had even been opened for his estate. We were able to open Probate, have the wife appointed as Personal Representative, and prepare the Personal Representative's Deed for the wife, in under a week to meet the closing deadline.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or for immediate assistance regarding any real estate need or question you may have.