Estate Planning

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Why Estate Planning Matters

Death – particularly our own death – is one of the most uncomfortable things we ever have to think about. But if we are brave enough to take the time to consider what our final wishes would be, then we can live our lives knowing plans are already in place for when we are gone.

At The Hickey Law Firm, LLC, our principal lawyer, Erin E. Hickey, has practiced estate law for almost 20 years. Our firm can work with your estate no matter what its size, from something very modest up to $25 million or more. Taking the initiative with estate planning frequently saves your entire family time, expense and emotional distress later.

Understanding The Entire Spectrum Of Estate Planning Needs

Our firm can help you create estate planning documents that cover your needs before you pass away, and your wishes for the distribution of your assets and property after you die. We do not use forms, but rather thoroughly custom draft each plan to fit your particular needs.

Before you die, properly constructed and executed estate planning documents can help you:

  • Designate how you wish to receive treatment, expressed through an advance medical directive or a living will
  • Determine who you would like to make health care, financial, or other decisions on your behalf, via a power of attorney
  • Nominate Guardian and/or Conservator

After you die, if you have done careful estate planning, it is much more likely that:

  • Your final wishes for the distribution of your estate will be clearly expressed through wills and trusts
  • Minors or individuals with special needs will receive the care they need because guardianship and financial decisions will already be outlined
  • Rules and structures will be in place for distributing sizable assets to minor children or loved ones who need guidance to properly utilize their inheritance
  • There will be few grounds for challenging your estate through litigation
  • Most importantly – all matters will be handled the way you wanted

We provide customized documents for every client. Our attorney draws upon her almost 20 years of experience in both estate planning and the probate field to create an estate plan that will withstand legal scrutiny and provide solutions that address your individual circumstances, including coordination with your business succession goals.

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