Probate and Trust Administration

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Your Guide To Probate And Trust Administration

Last updated on October 11, 2021

When a loved one dies, one of the first things that we need to do is acknowledge the loss and grieve. After that process has started, however, it becomes necessary to determine what is to become of their assets, and how to distribute them to the proper beneficiaries.

The Hickey Law Firm, LLC, can guide you through the probate and trust administration process. Whether your loved one left extensive estate planning documentation or none at all, we can counsel you at each step of the way and ensure the process is smooth and proceeds in a legally compliant manner.

Our lead attorney, Erin E. Hickey, has almost 20 years of experience and has a track record of resolving probate or trust administration challenges in a positive manner.

What Probate Is, And How It Works

At its most basic, probate is the process of distributing assets and property after the decedent dies. If a person dies and their estate totals less than $68,000 (in 2019) and contains no real estate, you may be able to avoid probate. Our firm can help you assess your loved one’s estate and determine if it qualifies for this simple process.

If the estate is above this limit, it may pass through formal or informal probate. Formal probate is selected when there may be challenges lodged by heirs or beneficiaries, and when a personal representative who can oversee the process is not readily apparent. Informal probate is used when no conflicts are expected to probate a will, and when a personal representative, also known as an Executor, from the family is available.

Additionally, we are easily able to assist any out-of-state Personal Representatives or Executors with a Colorado Ancillary Administration. An Ancillary administration is a type of “mini-probate” here in Colorado to handle and dispose of limited assets located in Colorado, working under a “main” probate out of another state.

Whether you have been charged with overseeing the probating of a will or administering a trust, or anything in between, our firm will provide you with ethical, experienced and trustworthy counsel. We can advise you on tax issues, potential litigation issues, and how to properly fund and manage the administration of your loved one’s estate. We can handle probates state wide and we can do so on a very limited basis, helping clients only meet the mandatory minimum legal requirements or, in the adverse, and always depending on the clients preference, we can handle just about every aspect of a probate or trust proceeding, even cleaning out a decedent’s home and paying monthly bills, etc.

“Bring Your Probate Questions To Us”

Colorado’s probate process does not have to be scary. Let our firm be your trusted guide and walk you through it from beginning to end. For an initial phone consultation, call us at 720-316-2074 or email us.